Decree 42-2010 and holidays

In Guatemala, the holidays are regulated by different laws.

First of all the Law of work (Decree 1441)  defines the days that are mandatory in the all country. In Title 3 chapter 4 we find the ” dias de asuetos” that we can translate by short day of vacation. In its article 127 it is defined the days of vacation with benefit of salary (paid day despite being vacation day).

  • 1st of January
  • Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the Holly Week
  • 1st of May
  • 30st of June (dia del ejercito)
  • 15th of September
  • 20th of October
  • 1st of November
  • 24th of December mid day from 1200
  • 25th of December
  • 31st of December mid day from 1200
  • the day of the festivity of the area

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Now something that is not known is that when the Vacation day falls in a week with more than one, the 2 or more have to be taken, if it falls on a Sunday it has to be paid as well (make the day double).

Now the decree 42-2010 introduce a new concept.. since this decree which has been make to improve internal tourism in Guatemala. The idea is to move the “dia de asueto” the closest possible to the week end so workers of the public and private sector can get long week end. The idea behind this is to allow people to travel to touristic destinations in the country and generate economical activity in them.  So for example is the holiday is on a tuesday the monday will be the day off and the tuesday will be working day. If the day is on wednesday or thursday then friday will be the day off.

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If it falls on saturday or sunday nothing change just the day is paid double.

So if you have invested in real estate in Guatemala either for investment, business or to retire here make sure you understand this as it will affect the working time of your employees as well the days the public services , particularly the banks are available.

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